Buy Natural Raw Honey Online in India

Buy Natural Raw Honey Online in India

Our mission is to provide a Raw Honey to each and every house hold for healthy and tasty lifestyle.

We are on a mission to make sure that more people have access to Raw Honey

Advantage from our Trustful Vendors and Bee Keepers

  •   Our beekeepers always works for Raw Honey
  •   Have an ISO processing Unit
  •   Quality Control and Quality assurance
  •   Hygienic packaging unit
  •   Onsite supervisors (At Farms)
  •   Filtering of Honey at less than 35’C
  •   Flavoured Honey without any externally added flavours
  •   We serve what Honeybee gives in Raw Form
  •   R&D team
  •   Trained staff

Multi-floral Honey

Multifloral honey comes from bees feeding predominantly on the nectar from various multiple Flowers / Plants.

  • Acacia
  • Ajwain
  •  Berry
  • Lychee
  • Tulsi (Upcoming)
  • Coffee (Upcoming)

Buy Acacia Raw Honey

Benefits of Acacia Raw Honey

  •   Anti-oxidants to protect cells from damage.
  •   Some amount of beta carotene too.
  •   Improvement of skin and brain health.
  •   Speed up healing of wounds and prevent infection.

Buy Ajwain Raw Honey

Benefits Ajwain Raw Honey

  •   Anti-fungal ingredients.
  •   Immunity booster
  •   Nourishes Skin
  •   Improves heart health
  •   Boost digestion and metabolism
  •   Remedy for cough and cold

Buy Berry Honey

Benefits Berry Honey

  •   Memory booster
  •   Improves eyesight
  •   Relieved headache and nausea
  •   Anti-bacterial properties

Buy Dark Forest Honey

Benefits Dark forest Honey

  •   Phytonutrient Powerhouse
  •   Rich in Anti-oxidants
  •   Immunity booster
  •   Maintain good gut healt

Buy Lychee Raw Honey

Benefits Lychee Raw Honey

  •   Helps regulating blood pressure
  •   Immunity booster
  •   Source of Vitamin B6 and C
  •   Helps in tissue growth and repair
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