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Zandu Abhayadi Modak | Daily Digestive Support | Zandu Herbals | Strong Laxative| Constipation

Zandu Abhayadi Modak | Daily Digestive Support | Zandu Herbals | Strong Laxative| Constipation

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  • DIGESTIVE ENHANCEMENT: May support digestive health and promote regularity in daily routine.
  • AYURVEDIC FORMULA: Crafted with a blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs known for their potential benefits.
  • ALL NATURAL: Contains purely herbal ingredients, emphasizing natural wellness without artificial additives.
  • DAILY USE: Designed for daily use as part of a balanced wellness regimen.
  • VEGETARIAN SAFE: Suitable for vegetarians, aligning with ethical dietary choices.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS: Free from harsh chemicals and preservatives, focusing on natural integrity.
  • HERBAL SYNERGY: Ingredients work together to potentially enhance overall wellness.


  • Zandu Abhayadi Modak is intended to be part of your daily wellness routine, potentially aiding in digestive health through its blend of Ayurvedic herbs.


Zandu Abhayadi Modak combines time-honored Ayurvedic ingredients aimed at supporting daily digestive health. This product, part of Zandu Herbals' respected line, is made using traditional herbs such as Haritaki and Amalaki, known in Ayurvedic practice to potentially aid digestion and promote regularity. The modak form makes it easy to incorporate into your wellness routine, providing a simple approach to maintaining digestive health.

Crafted without the use of harsh chemicals or preservatives, Zandu Abhayadi Modak is ideal for those seeking a natural and ethical way to support their digestive system. Each ingredient is chosen for its known properties and integrated in a way that respects Ayurvedic tradition while appealing to modern health-conscious consumers.


  • Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) - Terminalia chebula – 1:1
  • Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) - Piper nigrum – 1:2
  • Zingiber officinale (Ginger) - Zingiber officinale – 1:2


  • Haritaki: Known for its potential to support digestive regularity and overall digestive health.
  • Black Pepper: May enhance the bioavailability of other herbs, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Ginger: Traditionally used to help soothe the stomach and aid digestion.


  • Common dosage: Take one modak twice daily or as directed by a healthcare provider.

How to use:

  • Consume with water, preferably before meals to potentially aid digestion.
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