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Natural Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation, Gas, and Blood Purification - Relieve Headache, Mouth Ulcer, and Heavy Stomach | Ayurvedic Proprietary Formula

Discover the power of Ayurvedic proprietary medicine derived from ancient knowledge. Effectively address constipation, and gas, and promote blood purification. Find relief from headaches, mouth ulcers, and heavy stomach due to constipation. Experience the benefits of safe and natural Ayurvedic remedies. Order now!


Malshuddhi Vati Compositions:

Each uncoated tablet

Bal Haritaki - Terminalia chebula - Fruit - 315mg

Nishoth - Operaulina turpethum - Root - 20mg

Shuddh Danti - Crotan polyandrum - Seed - 4mg

Mari - Piper nigrum - Fruit - 8mg

Sonamukhi - Cassia angustifolia - Leaf - 10mg

Kumari - Aloe barbadensis - Extract - 4mg

Kadu - Picrorhiza kurroa - Root - 3mg

Saindhav - Pink Salt - 12mg

How to get rid of constipation :

using Malshuddhi Vati Dosage: 2 to 3 tablets of Malshuddhi Vati at bedtime helps to get rid of constipation

Welcome to our website, where we offer a highly effective and natural solution to common digestive issues. The key ingredients are:

Haritaki: Known for its gentle laxative properties, Haritaki helps promote regular bowel movements, relieving constipation and the associated discomfort of a heavy stomach.

Nishoth: Nishoth is a powerful herb known for its ability to regulate bowel movements and alleviate gas and bloating. It aids in improving digestion and reduces discomfort caused by excess gas.

Shuddh Danti: Shuddh Danti acts as a natural digestive stimulant, enhancing the secretion of digestive enzymes and promoting healthy digestion. It helps relieve headaches and mouth ulcers associated with digestive issues.

Mari: Mari is known for its blood-purifying properties. It supports the body's natural detoxification processes, eliminating toxins and impurities from the blood, leading to clearer skin and improved overall health.

Sonamukhi: Sonamukhi is a natural laxative that aids in gentle bowel movements, relieving constipation and promoting regularity.

Kumari: Kumari, also known as Aloe Vera, is a soothing and cooling herb that helps reduce inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract. It supports healthy digestion and provides relief from stomach discomfort.

Kadu: Kadu, also known as Embelia ribes, is traditionally used to alleviate digestive problems, including constipation and gas. It helps regulate bowel movements and reduces abdominal discomfort.

Saindhav: Saindhav, or Rock Salt, is a mineral-rich ingredient that aids in digestion and helps balance electrolytes in the body. It supports healthy bowel movements and relieves symptoms associated with constipation.

Mal Shuddhi is a natural and safe Ayurvedic medicine, free from side effects, and derived from the purest ingredients. With regular use, it can help alleviate constipation, gas, and other digestive discomforts, allowing you to enjoy a healthier and more vibrant life. Experience the benefits of time-tested Ayurvedic formulation and embark on a journey towards improved digestive health and overall well-being. Order Mal Shuddhi Vati today and discover the power of nature in promoting optimal digestive function and blood purification.

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