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Riddhish Herbals

Coffee Organic Raw Honey 500g | Natural Taste Honey | Raw and Unprocessed | Karnataka Region

Coffee Organic Raw Honey 500g | Natural Taste Honey | Raw and Unprocessed | Karnataka Region

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Experience the exceptional taste and health benefits of Riddhish Herbals Coffee Raw Honey


A single-origin, Monofloral honey that is unheated, organic, and preservative-free. Our honey is India Organic certified and sourced through ethical beekeeping practices. Indulge in the delicious flavour and embrace the goodness of nature with Riddhish Herbals Coffee Raw Honey. A unique Monofloral honey produced by Apis mellifera bees that feed on coffee flowers exclusively in the Karnataka Region. Our honey is sourced directly from expert beekeepers, ensuring its authenticity and exceptional quality.



Why Choose Riddhish Herbals Coffee Raw Honey?

  • Unmatched Taste: Our honey boasts a distinctive, mild flavour that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness, complemented by a subtle peppery touch.
  • Unparalleled Quality: We offer raw, untreated, and pure honey, free from any adulteration or artificial flavourings.
  • Ethical Beekeeping: Our honey is sourced directly from trusted beekeepers who practice ethical beekeeping methods, ensuring the well-being of the bees and the environment.
  • Single Origin and Monofloral: Riddhish Herbals Coffee Raw Honey is derived solely from coffee flowers of the Karnataka Region, making it a unique Monofloral honey with a distinct character.
  • Unheated and Organic: Our honey is produced without subjecting it to heat or any processing, preserving its natural goodness. It is also certified organic by India Organic, ensuring its purity and adherence to organic standards.
  • Preservative-Free: We believe in providing you with a completely natural product, free from any preservatives or additives that can compromise its quality and health benefits.
  • Delightful Culinary Uses: Riddhish Herbals Coffee Raw Honey adds a delightful touch to various culinary creations. It can be used as an ingredient in desserts, sweet dishes, and baked goods, or enjoyed as a spread on toast. Additionally, it pairs perfectly with breakfast options like cornflakes and can be incorporated into beverages like green tea, lukewarm water, or milk.


Benefits of Riddhish Herbals Coffee Raw Honey:

  • Rich Flavor: Indulge in the irresistibly sweet and satisfying flavour of our honey, which enhances the taste of any dish or beverage.
  • Fine Quality: Our honey is meticulously produced and free from additives and flavourings, allowing you to experience its authentic taste.
  • Versatile Usage: Explore the numerous culinary possibilities with Riddhish Herbals Coffee Raw Honey. It complements a variety of dishes, from beverages to desserts and spreads.
  • Health Boosting: Packed with essential nutrients, our honey supports immunity, aids in weight management, promotes healthy skin and hair, soothes coughs and colds, and aids digestion.
  • Antioxidant-Rich: Our honey contains antioxidants, valuable compounds that protect the body against inflammation and promote overall well-being.
  • Sleep Regulation: Enjoy a restful night's sleep by adding a teaspoon of our honey to a glass of hot milk. It stimulates the release of serotonin, a mood-boosting neurotransmitter that converts to melatonin, regulating sleep quality.
  • Prebiotic Benefits: The prebiotics found in our honey nourish beneficial gut bacteria, aiding digestion and contributing to overall gut health.
Trusted Remedy: For generations, honey has been cherished as a natural remedy for soothing sore throats and relieving coughs. Incorporate it into hot tea with lemon when combating a cold.
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