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Riddhish Herbals



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(Bharat Bhaishajya Ratnakar-1096)

            Due to improper diet, the blood gets contaminated, disease causing worms are occurred. Due to this worm, severe skin diseases like Daad, Khaj, Khujli, Kushtha etc. may happen.  To cure these diseases, "Khadirarishta" is made up of Raktashodhak ingredients like Khadir chaal, Devdar, Bakuchi, Daruharidra, Triphala etc. are very effective in all types of skin diseases, blood disorders and worm diseases.


Obtained from the following ingredients in every 10 ml:

Khadir                                                             937.41 mg

Devdar                                                                        937.41 mg

Amalaki                                                           120.16 mg

Bibhitaki                                                          120.16 mg

Haritaki                                                           120.16 mg

Daruharidra                                                    450.46 mg

Bakuchi                                                           865.38 mg

Dhatki pushpa                                                 360.49 mg

Kankol                                                             17.923 mg

Lavang                                                            17.923 mg

Elayachi                                                          17.923 mg

Jatiphal                                                           17.923 mg

Dalchini                                                          17.923 mg

Kesar                                                               17.923 mg

Marich                                                             17.923 mg

Tejpatra                                                           17.923 mg

Pippali                                                             360.49 mg


Skin diseases like Raktavikar, Daad, Khujali, Vrana, Kushtha etc.

Dose and Anupan:

10 to 20 ml after meals twice a day with equal quantity of water or as advised by the physician

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