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Riddhish Herbals



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(Bharat Bhaishajya Ratnakar-6300)

            The key ingredient in Lohasava is "Loha churna" which is an excellent blood enhancer. Along with this, this asava is Amanashak, Koshthashodhak and Kruminashak. Lohasava is considered very beneficial in slow digestion, feeling of weakness and body turns yellow due to lack of blood cells etc. conditions. It acts as a Raktavardhak, Dahanashak and Agnivardhak in the stage of Pittavisha and germ-borne jwaras.


Obtained from the following ingredients in every 10 ml:

Loha churna                                                    36.015 mg

Sunthi                                                              36.015 mg

Marich                                                             36.015 mg

Pippali                                                             36.015 mg

Haritaki                                                           36.015 mg

Bibhitaki                                                          36.015 mg

Amalaki                                                           36.015 mg

Ajavayan                                                         36.015 mg

Vidang                                                             36.015 mg

Nagarmoth                                                      36.015 mg

Chitrakamul                                                    36.015 mg

Dhataki pushpa                                               180.24 mg


Pandu, Yakrit-pleeha roga, Agnimandhya, Jwara and disorders caused by it.

Dose and Anupan:

10 to 20 ml after meals twice a day with equal quantity of water or as advised by the physician.

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