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Riddhish Herbals



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(Bhaishajya Sara Sangrah)

This asava is a perfect combination of Mutral, Koshthashodhak, Dahashamak, Agnivardhak, and Raktashodhak ingredients. It cures diseases caused by long-term obstructive disorders of the Mutramarg, such as Mutrashmari, Vrukkashmari, Mutraghaat and Mutrakruchcha. Along with this, the disorders happened due to above condition such as Twakdosha, Ajirna, Yakrit-pleeha vikar, and disease of Amashaya are also get cured.


Obtained from the following ingredients in every 10 ml:

Palashpushpa                                                  153.84 mg

Manjistha                                                        144.23 mg

Darbha                                                            144.23 mg

Punarnava                                                      144.23 mg

Gokshur                                                          144.23 mg

Haritaki                                                           48.07 mg

Bibhitaki                                                          48.07 mg

Amalaki                                                           48.07 mg

Varun                                                              144.23 mg

Dhataki pushpa                                               288.46 mg

Draksha                                                          576.92 mg

Dalchini                                                          36.04 mg

Tamalpatra                                                     36.04 mg

Nagkesar                                                         36.04 mg

Yavakshar                                                       36.04 mg


Mutradaha, Mutrakruchcha, Mutrashmari and Mutravarodh caused by it.

Dose and Anupan:

10 to 20 ml after meals twice a day with equal quantity of water or as advised by the physician

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