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Riddhish Herbals



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(Bharat Bhaishajya Ratnakar-4156)

            This asava made from the key ingredient "Punarnava" which is excellent Mutral, Shothghna and Hradya. Its effect is especially on the Shoth caused by the distortion of the Mutrapind, Yakrit-Pleeha and Hraday. By consuming it, it reduces the pain and swelling in the Mutramarg by generating proper urine formation and it works in conditions like improper urination, Mutradaha etc.


Obtained from the following ingredients in every 10 ml:

Shwet punarnava                                            35.861 mg

Rakta punarnava                                             35.861 mg

Kalipath                                                          35.861 mg

Dantimul                                                         35.861 mg

Guduchi                                                          35.861 mg

Chitrakmul                                                      35.861 mg

Kantakari                                                        53.784 mg

Nagkesar                                                         8.953 mg

Dalchini                                                          8.953 mg

Elayachi                                                          8.953 mg

Marich                                                             8.953 mg

Sungandhbala                                                 8.953 mg

Tejpatra                                                           8.953 mg

Dhatki pushpa                                                 181.61 mg


Yakrit-Pleeha vikar, Mutraghaat, Mutrakrichcha, Pandu and Shoth due to Pandu, Vrukka, Shoth due to Hraday and Yakrit-Pleeha malfunction.

Dose and Anupan:

10 to 20 ml after meals twice a day with equal quantity of water or as advised by the physician.

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