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SHALMALI KANTAK CHURNA 100 GM | Silk Cotton Tree | Natural Skin Soothing and Nourishing

SHALMALI KANTAK CHURNA 100 GM | Silk Cotton Tree | Natural Skin Soothing and Nourishing

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Shalmali, also known as the Silk Cotton Tree, has been useful in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Its botanical name is Salmalia malabarica, belonging to the Bombocaceae family. Shalmali is also referred to as Kantakadya, Picchila, Mocha, Moharasa, Raktapushpa, and Sthirayu.

In Rigveda, Shalmali wood was used to prepare chariots during marriage rituals. The parts of Shalmali used in Ayurvedic preparations are the flower, gum, stem bark, petiole, peduncle, and thorns.

Shalmali has several medicinal properties, including astringent taste, light-to-digest qualities, unctuousness, and cold potency. Shalmali root, bark, and flower are known to be coolant, improve sperm/semen, increase kapha, and be absorbent and styptic.

Shalmali root and stem bark are known to be coolant, sweet and after digestion, increase Kapha, improve the nourishment of the body, aphrodisiac, unctuous, and relieve Pitta and bleeding disorders. Shalmali flower is sweet, dry, bitter, coolant, heavy to digest, astringent, absorbent, and decreases Kapha and bleeding disorders.

Shalmali Ghrita, Chandanasava, and Himasagara Tailam are some of the important Ayurvedic preparations that use Shalmali. Research has shown that Shalmali has several phytochemicals and aphrodisiac properties.



Timeless Skin Care: Embrace the ageless beauty secret of Shalmali Kantak Lepa.

Soothe and Nourish: Experience natural soothing and nourishing effects on your skin.

Herbal Bliss: Enriched with the power of Shalmali (Bombax ceiba), a revered herb in Ayurveda.

Holistic Radiance: Revitalize your skin's natural radiance and glow.

Crafted with Care: Meticulously prepared with natural ingredients for optimal skin wellness.

Skin-Friendly Formula: Free from harsh chemicals and additives for gentle care.

Transform Your Routine: Elevate your skincare regimen with the goodness of Shalmali Kantak Lepa.



Time-Honored Remedy: Shalmali Kantak Lepa is an age-old remedy to soothe and nourish the skin. It offers natural support for skin vitality and health.


Unveil Radiant Skin: Rediscover radiant and vibrant skin with Shalmali Kantak Lepa. Crafted from the revered Shalmali herb (Bombax ceiba), this lepa offers an Ayurvedic solution for soothing and nourishing your skin. Experience the timeless beauty secret that has stood the test of time. Elevate your skincare routine with the holistic essence of Shalmali Kantak Lepa, and embrace the natural glow that you deserve.

INGREDIENTS:  Shalmali (Bombax ceiba) Bark Powder - 100% • Natural Binders and Moisturizers

IMPORTANCE OF INGREDIENT:Shalmali Bark: The heart of the formula, Shalmali (Bombax ceiba) Bark, is revered in Ayurveda for its skin-soothing and nourishing properties. It helps promote a healthy complexion and supports skin wellness.

DOSAGE (Bold):Easy Application: Apply a thin layer of the lepa evenly on clean skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off.

How to Use (Bold):Gentle Pampering: Gently massage the lepa onto your skin using circular motions. Allow it to work its magic before washing it off.

SPECIAL NOTES (Bold):Patch Test: Perform a patch test before applying it to a larger area. • Avoid Contact with Eyes: Keep the lepa away from your eyes and sensitive areas.

STORAGE CONDITION:Preserve Freshness: Store the lepa in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


  1. Q: Skin Types: Is this lepa suitable for all skin types? A: Yes, Shalmali Kantak Lepa is crafted to be gentle and suitable for various skin types.

  2. Q: Frequency: How often should I use this lepa? A: For optimal results, use the lepa 2-3 times a week or as recommended by a skincare professional.

  3. Q: Soothing Effects: How does Shalmali Kantak Lepa soothe the skin? A: The natural properties of Shalmali Bark help calm and soothe the skin, promoting comfort and wellness.

  4. Q: Nourishment: What nourishing benefits does this lepa provide? A: Shalmali Kantak Lepa provides natural nourishment, helping maintain the skin's vitality and vibrancy.

  5. Q: Visible Results: When can I expect to see results? A: Individual results may vary, but consistent use can lead to noticeable improvements over time.

  6. Q: Allergies: Can I use this lepa if I have allergies? A: It's recommended to perform a patch test before applying the lepa to ensure compatibility.

  7. Q: Sensitive Skin: Is this lepa suitable for sensitive skin? A: Yes, the gentle formula of Shalmali Kantak Lepa makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

  8. Q: Additives: Does this lepa contain any harsh chemicals? A: No, Shalmali Kantak Lepa is free from harsh chemicals and additives, ensuring a skin-friendly experience.

  9. Q: Aging Concerns: Can this lepa address signs of ageing? A: While the primary focus is soothing and nourishing, the lepa's natural properties can contribute to a healthy complexion.

  10. Q: Holistic Skincare: How can I incorporate this lepa into my skincare routine? A: Use the lepa as a weekly or bi-weekly treatment to enhance your skincare regimen with natural wellness and glow.

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