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Riddhish Herbals



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(Bharat Bhaishajya Ratnakar-6836)

            Vidangarishta is very beneficial in disease conditions such as due to blood disorders, due to Amadosha or Vataprakopa, due to obstruction of veins and arteries, many types of gland disorders arise in the body and germs are generated in the blood. Its use is always beneficial in children's Udararoga and Krumiroga.


Obtained from the following ingredients in every 10 ml:

Vidang                                                             89.969 mg

Pippali mool                                                    89.969 mg

Rasna                                                              89.969 mg

Kutaj twak                                                       89.969 mg

Indrajava                                                         89.969 mg

Kalipath                                                          89.969 mg

Ilavaluk                                                           89.969 mg

Amalaki                                                           89.969 mg

Dhataki pushpa                                               360.49 mg

Dalchini                                                          35.861 mg

Elayachi                                                          35.861 mg

Tejpatra                                                           35.861 mg

Priyangu pushpa                                             17.930 mg

Kanchanar                                                      17.930 mg

Lodhra                                                            17.930 mg

Sunthi                                                              48.02 mg

Marich                                                             48.02 mg

Pippali                                                             48.02 mg


Raktavikar,Udararoga and Krumiroga of children’s, Vidradhi and Gandmala.

Dose and Anupan:

10 to 20 ml after meals twice a day with equal quantity of water or as advised by the physician

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